Primary processing

Casing application

Casing application can be carried in a dedicated Casing cylinder type CC or if required at the discharge end of the Direct Conditioning cylinder (DCCC) type DCRB.

The COMAS Casing cylinder combines the process of fully opening and heating the product prior to the application of the casing, so that the liquid can be readily absorbed by the tobacco. If a steaming tunnel is used prior to the Casing cylinder for heating, this reduces the requirement for further temperature increase in the cylinder. The casing is applied using special steam atomised sprays to apply a pre-set application rate, with the casing contacting the tobacco when cascading in even free fall in the cylinder, after being rotationally lifted and released. This combined with the continuous mass flow prior to the casing cylinder via a metering tube and weigher, and by lightly volumetric loading the cylinder, allows for 100% product contact with the casing process.

The Casing cylinder can be supplied with various options, to suit your process and to assist when application of heavy casing is necessary.

The following customised options are available:

  • Variable cylinder rotational speed
  • Fully heated discharge hood
  • Heated cylinder body
  • Casing application system to suit type of casing
  • Automated cleaning system
  • Heated application tanks (steam or electrically heated) with stirrer options

The above options allow us to provide you with a very best cased product that will benefit the cutting and drying processes down stream.
Every Casing cylinder is supplied complete with a service cubicle that houses all the utilities application systems required for the casing process.