Equipment refurbishing

Equipment refurbishing

COMAS provides a complete service for both machinery refurbishment and also upgrading existing equipment with the very latest technology available.

Our re-build service centre can take donor machines, originally supplied by any of the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) and refurbish the machinery to “As New” condition.
Our premium refurbishment service, takes each individual donor machine, which is cleaned, inspected, fully dismantled and then rebuilt using new moving parts, such as bearings, motors, seals, rollers, and electrical control field items, such as sensors, limit switches and motor isolators, with the final activity being repainting the equipment.

The level of refurbishment can be tailored to suit the age of the donor machine, as specified by the Client.
Machines can be fully upgraded where required to improve the performance and also change of processing use can be achieved where possible with certain donor machines.

Your Primary, Threshing and Stem line equipment is generally manufactured by OEM’s to be sturdy and robust and COMAS can bring this machinery back to life with optimum performance.


Equipment Relocation

Comas having had its anniversary in February 2011 can now demonstrate over 40 years of global activity; an extensive period long enough to prove our strength in reliability, stability, standing and capability to adapt to the ever changing requirements of the tobacco industry, which as we know is an extremely demanding and competitive market that requires a very flexible approach to our Customers requirements.