Primary processing

Feeder and add-back equipment

COMAS offer a complete range of tobacco feeders for flow control and add-back systems to regulate the product inclusion level of your add-backs. You can be sure that we have a solution, whatever your requirements are.

Our range of equipment for feeders and add-back systems comprises of:

  • Robotic Feeding systems / Tippers
  • Storage Band Feeders type SBF
  • Tipper Feeders
  • Auto Feeders
  • Weigh Belts
  • Metering bands
  • Metering Tubes / Gravity Feed Pipes


Robotic Feeding systems / Tippers - Robotic systems are used where multiple add-back feeders are to be supplied by the use of a single common tipper that serves all feeders. These lines can be supplied with automatic bin stacking and de-stackers, as required. This type of machinery provides the best opportunity for labour saving and reducing your operational costs.

Storage Band Feeders type SBF - Similar in construction to a small inclined silo but with an open back end for product tipping. The discharge end is installed with product loosening doffers, for delivering the product onto a small reversible discharge band conveyor, feeding directly into a maker feed hopper type MFH or and Orbital Vibro Feeder.

Tipper Feeders - We offer a wide range of tippers that are either one axis tip units or 2 axis raise and rotate systems to suit your needs. To ensure the product is gently released from the bin or case, on entry to the tipping unit, the case or bin is covered with product retention flaps that prevent the tobacco from prematurely discharging during the tip cycle, until the box/bin is inverted, when the flaps progressively open allowing the product to gently flow from the container. Other tobacco products that become case packed, such as raw stem may need the use of box agitators to assist with the release of the tobacco.

Auto Feeders - The feeders can be supplied in many variations, 2 band feeders, single band machines or swan neck, all with a multitude of pin bar product lifting attachments, to match your product requirements.

Weigh Belts - Electronic weigh belt systems, type WBT for product totalising and type WBF used as a continuous variable speed slave weighers, provide the highest accuracy, having an integral control system, complete with auto calibration of the weigh belt.

Metering / Gravity Feed Pipes - Designed to be mounted directly discharging onto a weigh belt for mass flow control or onto a metering band for volumetric flow control. All of our metering tubes are manufactured from stainless steel and can be fitted with either PEC's or continuous light strip for product level detection.