COMAS supply an extensive versatile range of silos for blending, bulking and pile seeking (follow up control). Our silos can be customised to suit your individual factory floor constraints, so as we optimise floor space usage. Where possible our silos are installed with support legs positions at 4.0 - 6.0m spacing, with 2.0m clearance under the silo bottom structure, to allow free access under the machines.

As well as single deck silos, we can also supply multi-deck silos where required, to maximise the use of your tobacco storage area.

COMAS was the pioneer of the boltless bottom band/slat retention system, with this design resulting in longer life expectancy of the belt material and also allowing for reduced installation time when erecting the equipment.


Our silos have the following characteristics and options, as detailed below:

  • All silo fill mode options are available
    • Full fill, full height
    • Half fill front and back, full height
    • Full fill half height
    • Half fill half height
    • Pile seeking, fill and discharge simultaneously
  • Ease of maintenance and access for cleaning
  • All metallic product contact surfaces are made from stainless steel including the doffers.
  • Option to use a single common blending carriage for groups of silos
  • Optimal utilisation of floor space
  • Special bottom band/slat retention system, being bolt free.
  • Parallel or nose to nose silo installation configuration

Every silo supplied by COMAS is manufactured to the highest quality to provide you with the longest equipment life expectancy for this type of machinery.