Complete solutions for Smoke Free products

hnb comas

Primary processing line

Comas is the first-choice supplier of sheet recon processing lines for Heat not Burn products, completely customizable to obtain shredded product or bobbins with the finest quality.

Heat not Burn equipment is capable to deliver effective alternatives to support any customer in testing and bringing to market its own Smoke Free Product, achieving the highest standards in terms of reliability and competitiveness.

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hnb g.d

G.D solutions for HNB secondary lines

G.D has developed new concepts for automated machines, able to assemble and pack Smoke Free Products, combining experience with cutting-edge technology. 

The main challenge is to provide solutions for the making and  packing of multi-segment sticks, adapting and developing the most efficient traditional tobacco product manufacturing practices.

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hnb sasib

Sasib complete range of HNB makers

Sasib offers a complete range of solutions for the making of  Smoke Free Products.

Thanks to the well-established know-how of the traditional cigarette maker, Sasib jumps into the contemporary market of Heat not Burn sticks bringing the same precision and expertise.

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hnb molins

Molins dedicated machines for Smoke Free products

Molins, together with G.D and Sasib, completes the offer for the secondary machines dedicated to the Smoke Free products.

The special line developed by Molins optimizes tobacco handling for modern tobacco types, and the creation of modern heat-not-burn merchandize.

These solutions allow manufacturers to adjust settings for various tobacco types and formulations, meeting changing market demands. Quality control is paramount, and ensures that each stick adheres to stringent standards and regulations. 

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