Discover Comas

Discover Comas

COMAS: "COstruzioni MAcchine Speciali"

COMAS is the world leading supplier of primary equipment and processing solutions for both Conventional Tobacco and New Generation Products (NGP), as well as an emerging player in cosmetics and food industries.
COMAS' vision is to provide customers with the best primary solutions, first class equipment and "on time" project delivery, whilst maintaining a flexible approach.
By developing  the creativity of its employees thus maximising the ability to meet all customers' requirements, COMAS aims at being the first choice supplier and manufacturer of the most innovative, reliable and cost effective process machinery.

Matteo Lena is COMAS Chief Executive Officer.

PMI Global Supplier Recognition Awards 2020 - Value Creation

On Thursday 24th November, Philip Morris International hosted the 2020 edition of the PMI Global Supplier Recognition Awards, a ceremony meant to acknowledge and celebrate those suppliers who have demonstrated an exceptional contribution to support PMI in the areas of Sustainability, Innovation and Value Creation, thus naming the Award Categories.

In the 2020 edition of the PMI Global Supplier Recognition Awards, hosted on Thursday 24th November, Comas was assigned of the Value Creation award.
The Value Creation award celebrates and promotes those suppliers that embody PMI’s values and actively contribute to the many aspects of PMI’s performance.

This award is to recognize a supplier that actively contributes to PMI’s transformation to a smoke free future by finding improvement opportunities, solving challenges and joining forces to achieve success.

And the winner is COMAS.

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ISO certifications


Starting from 2018 COMAS obtained the certification of compliance to the ISO45001 International standard, which ensures the conformity to the requirements foreseen for Systems for the Management of the Occupational Health and Safety (SGSSL) and allows COMAS to better assess risks and improve its performances in the compliance to the above mentioned safety policies.



In 2018 COMAS obtained the UNI EN ISO 9001 certification. Over time, the Quality System has evolved in order to be aligned with respect to the periodic revision of the related standard. The Quality System documentation, based on cross-functional process diagrams, describes the business procedures and constitutes an instrument for knowledge, revision and improvement.

Conflict Minerals Policy

In response to the violence and human rights violations occurring when extracting some minerals from the “Conflict Region”, located in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and in neighboring countries, COMAS undertakes to sustain the humanitarian objective to put a stop to the violent conflict in those areas. Starting from 7th January 2020, Comas is committed to comply with the Conflict Minerals Policy. For further details, please refer to the attached PDF file.