Our International Production Sites

3 locations and more than 100,000 mq of production site

Located in North-east Italy, one of the most productive areas in the country. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE MAP »

The parent company in Silea operates six main facilities each with its own specific operation; manufacture of complete and partial lines, special equipment production, customised electrical control panel build, electronic process control systems development, assembly with integrated control tests and logistics.

All the above operations are located on a common site of approx 60,000 m² (646000 sqft) of which 40,000 m² (431,000 sqft) are covered.
The Comas organisation also includes "Comas Latino Americana", a design and manufacturing facility located in Santa Cruz do Sul Brasil, occupying a site of approx 20,000 m² (216,000 sqft) of which 6,000 m² (65,000 sqft) is covered.

With nearly over 40 years of experience in the tobacco sector, Comas has grown from being a relatively small company into a large group that exports worldwide, developing new manufacturing facilities, whilst keeping pace with market trends. Comas continues to be innovative and offer high levels of productivity and engineering skills, to serve an ever increasing and important expanding customer base.