Mission & Research

Dream big, set goals and take action

Mission and research

Dream big, set goals and take action

COMAS S.p.A is a primary equipment/process solution provider.

Our vision is to provide our Customers with the best primary solutions, first class equipment and "on time" project delivery, whilst maintaining a flexible approach.

To be the first choice supplier for all our Customers and manufacture the most innovative, reliable and cost effective process machinery ...AND...
Develop the creativity of each individual employee and maximise our ability to meet all the requirements of a supplier to the tobacco industry.

Design and research

Comas review its performance daily, so that improvement decisions can be constantly implemented, with the main focal point for this activity being the technical department. Using a wealth of experience and based on an in depth analysis of customer specifications to develop new techniques for each project, we progressively improve and evolve.
Each project includes feasibility studies that are transformed into real products and any proposed solution used to resolve production requirements is carefully assessed. With a detailed knowledge of the latest technologies, Comas can implement any feasible request into practice. The real challenge is to predict and anticipate market trends, whilst maintaining skills and expertise at the highest levels.