Primary processing

Maker feeding

COMAS offer an extensive range of cut tobacco feeding systems to supply product to either your making complexes or for feeding Hand Rolling Tobacco (HRT) or Make Your Own (MYO) or Roll Your Own (RYO) packers.

With a wealth of experience, we were again the pioneer in this field, being the first to design and manufacturer of the Orbital Vibro Feeder for simultaneous feeding of high speed makers. Whatever your requirements are, we have a solution for all your cut tobacco feeding requirements.


Our range of equipment for feeding final cut product to your cigarette makers or RYO packers consists of:

  • Storage Band Feeders type SBF
  • Robotic feeding / tippers
  • Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV's)
  • Orbital Vibro Feeders:
    • AV/1.2 with up to 4 off feed pipes
    • AV/1.6 with up to 6 off feed pipes
    • AV/1.8 with up to 8 off feed pipes
  • Maker Feed Hoppers type MFH:
    • MFH-1 with 1 off feed pipe
    • MFH-2 with 2 off feed pipes
    • MFH-3 with 3 off feed pipes
  • Product Discharge hoppers (direct installation on makers or RYO / MYO packers)
  • Mechanical feeding system
  • Blend piping changeover rooms / stations
  • Pneumatic cut tobacco transfer systems, including transfer pipe and maker de-dusting
  • High quality aluminium or stainless steel cut rag transfer piping
  • Automatic 2-way cut tobacco diverter valves
  • Steel/stainless steel transfer bends (1.0m radius)
  • Quick release transfer pipe joining clamps

Storage Band Feeders type SBF - Similar in construction to a small inclined silo but with an open back end for product tipping. The discharge end is installed with product loosening doffers, for delivering the product onto a small reversible discharge band conveyor, feeding directly into a MFH or AV feeder.

Robotic Feeding system / Tippers - Robotic systems are used where multiple feeders are to be supplied by the use of a single common tipper that serves all feeders. These lines can be supplied with automatic bin stacking, de-stackers and lid handling, as required.

Mechanical feeding system - The final blend is feed by mobile containers connected to the maker via overhead rail loop.

AGV's - Some applications require the use of AGV's to supply product to multiple feeders, which is usually combined with the warehouse product retrieval system.

Orbital Vibro Feeders type AV - These feeders can be supplied in 3 size options, with the largest being able to supply 8 off makers simultaneously. The AV feeder has a very gentle action that minimises degradation, thus reducing loose ends and increasing fill power of your cigarette.

Maker Feed Hoppers - Compact vertical feeders manufactured completely from Stainless steel that are produced in 3 different variants, feeding from 1 to 3 makers simultaneously.