Comas Coating Dryer

Comas and Coesia at the forefront of innovation in the battery market

In the intricate landscape of Energy Storage Systems production, the manufacturing of battery cells emerges as a pivotal stage, demanding utmost precision and quality. The efficacy of the initial phase will determine the final battery performance, with limited opportunities for intervention throughout the lengthy production journey. That is why improving cell manufacturing is a crucial step in Coesia’s strategy towards a more efficient and profitable battery production. 

Comas, together with Coesia is working towards this direction leveraging our long technological legacy and the strive for continuous innovation. 

Comas Coating Dryer: an energy efficient technology to elevate battery cell production 

Following the stage of Coating, where the wet battery slurry is distributed on the metal foil, it is fundamental that the Drying process is performed under stable conditions, with fine temperature control to ensure that the foil is ready to be folded or winded. 

As per the current standard, the Drying phase is intensively energy consuming, with a high rate of heat loss into the ambient and requires an extensive footprint. The Comas Coating Dryer is designed specifically to improve energy efficiency of this crucial process phase. 

The advanced fan system ensures that parameters like moisture content, temperature and ventilation remain stable during operations, granting greater control over the process and a higher performance. Additionally, the motor and centrifugal impeller easy removal allows for a handier maintenance, to keep the equipment status high, at any time. 

Through an intuitive HMI, the dryer temperature can be set up according to required specifications. Moreover, thanks to a proprietary PID developed by Comas, it is possible to modify the temperature already set-up through an easy and quick procedure. The improved insulation system allows for the saving of up to 20% of power requirement. Additionally, the improved system for the management of electromagnetic noise improves the safety of operators working on the line. 

Thanks to its compact modular design and its energy efficiency, the footprint can be significantly reduced and adapted to the available floorspace and requested line capacity. 

Minimized heat loss, maximized energy savings and reduced footprint place this solution at the forefront of innovation in the market. 

Follow the Coesia journey towards an improved and more efficient battery production process, discover how our experts are redesigning it, one technology at a time. 

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