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COMAS: committed for a sustainable future

Today more than ever, Comas is committed to leverage its talent and excellence in the equipment manufacturing design for developing new technical solutions for a sustainable future. 
To protect the environment, Comas is working closely with customers and suppliers for finding greener applications to reduce the production footprint and external emissions.
Comas R&D is focusing on the following green initiatives and strategical equipment optimizations:

  • Reducing the use of steam in thermal machines by minimizing dispersions.
  • Providing adequate thermal insulation on all hot surfaces to minimize heat losses.
  • Converting drives / automations from pneumatic to electric control.
  • Recovering the thermal energy from the hot exhaust fumes of the processing machines to produce clean hot air or hot water to be then reused/reintegrated in the system.
  • Installing filters to clean and reuse the process washing water.
  • Providing solutions for cleaning the exhaust air before introducing it into the atmosphere.
  • Using high efficiency motors.
  • Providing solutions to reduce the energy consumption when the machines are in stand-by mode (e.g.: the speed of centrifugal motors is reduced to a minimum)
  • Using electrical converters to allow energy recovery.

All the above solutions are studied to achieve the highest production standards while respecting the environment and represent Comas continuous efforts also to leave a greener and sustainable future to the next generations.
To discover more innovative ways to reduce energy consumptions and Co2 output, please contact Comas Sales department.

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