Comas MES

Comas MES: let’s drive together your business to the immediate future!

Comas automation department has developed a suite of software applications, based on well-known technologies, to meet the highest customer’s requirements that usually are not fully covered with common commercial packages available on the market.

For all customers who want to be more competitive and seek the effectiveness of the whole production chain & administration procedures, Comas Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is the most suitable choice to avoid time waste and increase the business productivity.

Comas MES is a modular system especially engineered for primary plants processing tobacco, food and other raw materials ready for the secondary manufacturing area.
Thanks to a Web interface, it can be displayed on multiple devices, running common operating systems (Microsoft, Linux, Apple), such as: PC, proprietary HMIs supporting browsers, Tablets, etc.

This approach always allows an easy access and a fast control of the data/reports, as to prevent any production interruption and facilitate the operators work.
To satisfy the most advanced manufacturing requirements, the platform is also scalable covering the typical roadmaps of your growing business:

  • Comas MES Single server
  • Comas MES external SQL
  • Comas MES redundant SQL
  • Comas MES redundant
  • Comas MES fully redundant

The provided modularity implies that, starting from a base proposal, each customer can extend its functionalities at any time with minimum or no downtimes at all.

The main application modules that can be incorporated to improve the line control performances are:

BMS: Batch Management System: the core module of Comas MES.
It provides an excellent level of flexibility for defining your own “Master Recipes” and successively completely track your “Control recipes” during batch execution.

AMS: Assets Management System: the most efficient tool for the management of the maintenance procedures.

WMS: Warehouse Management System: the best way to clearly identify and track raw materials and semi-products contained in any fixed or mobile locations (silos, bins, boxes, etc.).

OEE: Overall Equipment Effectiveness: the must have for a competitive business for immediately evaluating the key indicators of the process capability.

BI:  Business Interface: 
The application that allows the communication with upper-level software (ERP) to receive the production orders and send the relevant reports on real time.

IoT: Internet of Things and Industry 4.0:
An IoT platform for data collection, processing, visualization, and device management. It enables device connectivity via industry standard IoT protocols - MQTT, CoAP and HTTP and supports both cloud and on-premises deployments.
The different implementation levels available and the iterative incremental process allows to incorporate new information as your factory grows.

Get in contact with our expert technicians to deep dive on the best applications and find out all the automated processing solutions for driving your business directly into Industry 4.0.

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