COMAS wins the award for Value Creation in the PMI Global Supplier Recognition Awards 2020

On Thursday 24th November, Philip Morris International hosted the 2020 edition of the PMI Global Supplier Recognition Awards, a ceremony meant to acknowledge and celebrate those suppliers who have demonstrated an exceptional contribution to support PMI in the areas of Sustainability, Innovation and Value Creation, thus naming the Award Categories.
Besides these, the Award for CPO, a fourth special category, was assigned.

Between over 450 worldwide suppliers, Comas resulted to be the only “equipment supplier” to be shortlisted among the three/ four candidates for each award. 
In addition Comas is proud of being a finalist in three out of four Award Categories.

The Value Creation award celebrates and promotes those suppliers that embody PMI’s values and actively contribute to the many aspects of PMI’s performance. This award is to recognize a supplier that actively contributes to PMI’s transformation to a smoke free future by finding improvement opportunities, solving challenges and joining forces to achieve success.
And the winner is COMAS.

The note of thanks from Matteo Lena, Comas’ Chief Executive Officer

It is a huge honour and a privilege for me to receive on behalf of the entire Comas team this award, being the technological partner of PMI since nearly 30 years.
We are deeply honoured by our most precious customer for this recognition of our work and our history.
This award goes to the Martin, Zanini and Bonan families who founded the Company nearly 50 years ago and led it every single day of each one year.
And this award goes to all the managers and employees at Comas, the past ones and the present ones, who contributed with their work, their dedication and their very Italian passion, to the success of the partnership between our Companies.
Last but not least, I must express our gratitude to all our friends at Philip Morris International for the trust and the continuous push towards innovation that all of you dedicated to us and for the opportunity to make Comas become a technology leader.
We are now more energetic and charged to take on the new challenging projects helping Philip Morris International, definitely a leader of our times, shape our future business.
Once again, thank you all!

Innovation is tremendously significant to PMI’s vision. To generate a strong pipeline of reduced risk products, PMI needs suppliers who can deliver ideas, develop products and bring solutions to help achieve PMI’s targets and deliver products and services that delight PMI’s consumers. This award is to recognize a supplier that has delivered an outstanding performance and proven commitment in bringing new ideas to PMI, helping to obtain a business advantage and meet current and future business needs.
COMAS shortlisted among the finalists.

-    CPO
The CPO award recognizes and celebrates PMI’s strong partnerships with outstanding suppliers, helping on PMI’s transformation journey, demonstrating an exceptional performance and continuously regarding PMI as a customer of choice.
COMAS shortlisted among the finalists.

Sustainability is an extremely important priority for PMI and crucial to PMI’s future, illustrated by PMI’s sustainability strategy and actions. PMI’s progress to make a lasting impact on the environment and society is dependent on PMI’s suppliers’ collaboration This award is to recognize a supplier with strong public commitment and performance towards Sustainability, collaborating with PMI’s to deliver its goals.

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