Driving new markets with innovation

Driving new markets with innovation

Nowadays, the next generation products have become a disruptive evolution for the Tobacco Industry, of which Comas is an integral part, and play a key role in building a sustainable future.

In this respect, Comas is proud to announce that a new complete recon line for the heat not-burn technology is already available for their customers. The line, on industrial scale, is capable to handle different recipes, including cellulose and botanicals, both shredded product and bobbins released with simple production process.

The line has been engineered also for the manufacturing of an odourless neutral foil suitable to receive nicotine (if required), flavours and different additives during the secondary process, providing a complete turn-key solution with G.D, Molins, Sasib and Cerulean.

Thanks to a very high uniformity of foil colour and grammage, the result is a product outwardly similar to tobacco, representing not only a better choice for whom want to phase out tobacco completely, but also a favourable opportunity for customers in order to expand their market sector.

The line is composed mainly by mixing equipment required for the dough preparation, vertical & horizontal flatteners suitable to provide the finest product lamination and top-quality dryers always shaped with the power of sustainable innovations, focusing on energy saving and cost reduction.
Based on the customer requirements and product specifications, at the line end, a shredder or a slitter can be installed before moving to the secondary.

Comas can provide not only the most innovative technologies and advanced sustainable solutions for your manufacturing process, but also a wide range of expertise and know-how to develop and implement new ideas together with its customers. 

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