The Future of Heat Not Burn innovation

The Future of Heat Not Burn innovation

To elevate the quality and the performances of the laminated sheet reached at the line output, Comas constantly updates and develops new processing parameters, equipment configurations, and raw material variations, enhancing both the efficiency and flexibility of the machines, with the aim to exceed customer’s expectations.

With 15 years of experience in the Heat Not Burn market segment and more than 1500 recipes prepared by the new recon pilot line, our specialized R&D team is developing new solutions for the dough preparation and for the product lamination.

Thanks to an easier and faster operation of the entire line, the new arrangements will allow to obtain fine blended recipes, capable to boost the colour and grammage uniformity of the final product for a fully satisfactory experience.

Comas can assist in preparing and testing innovative forms of nicotine & smoke free products based on different substrates, according to manufacturer’s specifications.

The New Recon line is very flexible and versatile, able of processing tobacco, cloves, and many other botanicals to realize small bobbins or shredded product for feeding the maker lines.

Comas can also supply bobbins in small quantity ready to be processed for developing outperforming products and embrace new business opportunities.

Comas embraces a deep culture of continuous improvement and sustainable innovation, as a part of its win-win mission to responding the rapid changing market dynamics with strategic machinery, engineered to always satisfying customer’s needs.

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