Exploring solutions for snus production

Exploring solutions for snus production

Comas is glad to present its portfolio of solutions for traditional and tobacco-free snus (super white) production, which is inclusive of hammer mills, classifiers, mixers, infeed and dosing system for powders and liquids, transfer lines to warehouse or to the secondary machines.

A wide range of specific and extremely customized equipment representing the most advanced technology in terms of efficiency, reliability and flexibility, currently available in the tobacco market.

Comas machines can be provided for covering the processing demand of the main areas of your PMD, starting from the material feeding area, up to the feeding to your maker line into the secondary department.

In particular, the big bag discharging station, dry component feeding hopper, drum emptying system, along with solving and blending tanks, feeders, conical and vertical mixers are just few of the main machines capable to consolidate and develop your snus production.

As part of Coesia Group, Comas, together with G.D and Sasib, can also supply a fully integrated processing solution, including the compact snus pouches making and packing at fast continuous motion for your secondary department.

Get in contact with our sales to find out the best solution to expand your business vision.

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