From tobacco leaves to high quality molasses

From tobacco leaves to high quality molasses

Comas supplies reliable primary processing line to assist customers in exploring and expanding their potential into the shisha market.

Footprint minimization, efficient ingredients storage, homogeneous product, resources optimization, fast process and high safety standards are some of the main advantages that partners can benefit from by installing Comas molasses equipment.

The detailed primary process starts from feeding, where the tobacco leaves, strips and expanded stems are unpacked and conditioned. The slicing phase guarantees an optimal tobacco bale delamination through a horizontal slicer, which transfers the product to an elevating conveyor with a continuous weighing system. During the conditioning step, the cylinder allows to achieve outstanding results according to the required specifications and recipe.
Based on the output capacity, customers can choose among three different types of cutters: A1, A1M or Cut-Tom (Guillotine).
The preparation and storage tanks are then installed to mix the raw ingredients for preparing syrup and flavors according to the recipe. 
Later, special vertical mixers allow a quick homogenization of the dry product to the liquids and produce the molasses.
Once mixed, the molasses is unloaded from the mixers to 15-20kg-capacity containers, ready to feed the maker and to start the secondary process.

In this way, Comas machinery can be fully integrated with the advanced secondary solutions supplied by G.D and Sasib to complete the production line.

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