Reconstituted tobacco line – a new project successfully completed & more to come in the NGP market

The tobacco industry is changing rapidly: in the last years the global market for Next Generation Products has grown exponentially and the Heat not Burn technology is slowly replacing conventional smoking products. This sector plays a key-role in building a sustainable future and Comas is an integral part of this process, because it has already developed the technology and the know-how to overcome all the new challenges related to this evolution.
The “Next Generation Products”, specially the “Heat not Burn” type, are based on the usage of Reconstituted Tobacco Leaf. Thanks to its long-term experience in designing and supplying Recon lines, Comas is the most successful and competitive supplier in this new field, capable of supporting any customer in testing and developing its own NGP tobacco line.
In this regard, Comas is glad to announce that it has just completed the manufacturing of another Reconstituted tobacco line for one of the most important key-players in the tobacco industry.
This new Recon line will allow customers to produce and test Next Generation Products, achieving the highest production quality and efficiency standards.
The main advantages of the Recon line are: 

  • Simple production process
  • Capability to handle different recipes
  • High uniformity of foil colour and grammage
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low water content 
  • Possible inclusion of additives (cellulose and botanicals) in the process
  • Final product obtained: shredded tobacco or cast leaf bobbins

This technology can be used also to produce NGP with different substrates, without tobacco.
Thanks to its R&D pilot plant, Comas can help you develop, test and bring to market new and innovative forms of nicotine & Reduced Risk tobacco Products by performing trials directly at its facility.
Based on your requirements, Comas can offer small pilot plants for product developing or complete turnkey primaries with modulable capacity (50-500 kg/hr).
If you are looking to purchase a pilot plant for testing purpose or a complete HNB industrial production line, Comas is the right choice.
Feel free to contact the Sales dept. to discover more and discuss your needs.

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