Sustainable engineering for drying technology

Sustainable engineering for drying technology

Comas is continuously working to leverage cutting-edge skills for shaping sustainable applications and optimizations of its machinery.
With this mission and a deep focus on the environmental impact, Comas has designed and patented a new dryer for Heat not Burn products.

The roller dryer, made by different modular sections, is mainly composed by a roller system which sustains the laminated foil and allows its drying on both product surfaces thanks to special diffusers distributing hot air on top and bottom.
The dryer is also available in a different variant with a unique design, having the rollers movable and positioned on zig zag: this innovative feature allows to process a longer foil surface in each module, resulting in a notable reduced machine footprint.
This machine can also be equipped with a thermal energy recovery system, suitable to reuse the thermal energy for pre-heating the air at the dryer inlet.

Highest process efficiency, considerable energy saving and reduced emissions into the environment are the most remarkable advantages offered by this machinery.

From adopting Comas eco-friendly solutions for foil drying, born out from the extensive experience in the NGP sector, customers can not only benefit of a first-class equipment, but also make the right choice towards a greener future.

To learn more about Comas sustainable initiatives which best suit your production requirements, get in contact with our sales team.

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