DSC series (Conditioning)

Tobacco stems moistening / conditioning cylinders

Basic Info

  • TECHNOLOGY: Conditioning
  • INDUSTRY: Tobacco
  • SEGMENT: Tobacco Cut Rag


The COMAS Stem Conditioning Cylinder type DSC is second to none when choosing your stem conditioning process, as our cylinder has been developed to provide the very best conditioning of raw stem.
Our conditioner has several longitudinal paddles that run the full length of the cylinder and is equipped with a central perforated beam with paddles, for steam application. Having numerous sprays along the length of the central pipe, allows us to optimise the conditioning, to suit your Stem grades. The steam/water application combined with the gentle rotation of the DSC and the light volumetric loading of the machine provides the best Stem conditioning possible, with every piece of Stem coming into contact with the conditioning process.
The following Customised options are available:

  • Variable Cylinder angle inclination (automatic or manual)
  • Variable Cylinder rotational speed
  • Casing application system
  • Automated cleaning system
  • The above options allow us to provide you with a first class conditioned product that will benefit your production throughout your entire primary process.
The transit time of your product can be Customised to suit your individual Stem blend, so if it is necessary to process several different Stem blends, the individual processing conditions for each blend can be stored by using the HMI on the control system.
Should casing be required to be applied to the Stem, this is carried out in the last 40% of the machine, to ensure the Stem is conditioned and softened, prior to casing application, through steam atomised spray nozzles.
Additional Stem heating, if required, can be achieved by using the COMAS Stem Heating Screw that provides a fixed transit time, allowing uniform heating of the product, using steam as the heating medium. This unit can also be used for conditioning of the stem.
Every Stem conditioning cylinder and Heating Screw is supplied complete with a services cubicle housing all the utilities application systems required for the conditioning/casing process.