New Recon Line

Complete processing line for Heat not Burn

Basic Info

  • TECHNOLOGY: NGP Primary Processing
  • INDUSTRY: Tobacco
  • SEGMENT: Heat-not-burn


Thanks to its long-term experience in designing and supplying Recon lines for conventional production, Comas has developed the New Recon line for producing laminated sheets of the finest grade for the Next Generation Products.

This technology is a scalable solution, covering a range of capacities from 15 kg/h to 500 kg/h and capable of handling several recipes, starting from slurry or dry dough, based on different substrates, also without tobacco inclusion.

By adopting Comas equipment for casting, extrusion, lamination and sheet forming, customers can benefit from flexible and simple processes suitable to obtain the finest shredded material or high uniform foil.

Comas's strategic technology for HNB is committed not only to reaching the most performing results, but it also strives to minimize the impact on the environment, by adopting advanced systems for reduced water and energy consumption during the complete manufacturing phase.