NST series (Apron dryer)

Cased Leaf Strips apron dryer (Burley toaster)

Basic Info

  • TECHNOLOGY: Toasting
  • INDUSTRY: Tobacco
  • SEGMENT: Tobacco Cut Rag


COMAS is the World Leader, thanks to its extensive experience and range of Burley Toasters and Cased Leaf Dryers for the Burley process.We have been supplying and developing this type of drying technology since 1971 and are able to deliver a range of First Class dryers that are second to none.
Burley Process - The Cased leaf Dryers / Burley Toasters are of modular construction, so that the width and length can be customised to suit your required capacity and process. To ensure the Burley exits the dryer in the very best condition, it is of the utmost importance that the Cased Leaf Dryer is fed with a consistent product carpet depth across the width of the apron, which we achieve by using a single sweep wiper feed conveyor, discharging the tobacco onto an inclined feeder with product leveling doffer, giving a uniform product depth.The dryers have a specially designed air distribution system, so that the airflow is also uniform across the width of the dryer and the temperature of each drying zone can be individually controlled to provide for optimum processing conditions, necessary for your product.
Our range of Apron Dryers have the option to recycle the air in the cooling section, by passing the process air through an indirect cooling unit, thus greatly reducing the volume of air to be exhausted and treated, if required. The re-ordering modules of the Cased Leaf Dryers are installed with ultrasonic atomised water/steam sprays generating a vaporised mist, to ensure the product is gently reconditioned up to the required exit moisture.

By being able to provide your preferred processing conditions within our dryers, both flavour and smoking characteristics of your existing product are strictly adhered to.
Our range of apron dryers, either being used for Burley processing or GLTs, have the following beneficial characteristics:

  • Special designed air flow system using helical fans 
  • Separate support structures for the lower base and the upper drying section of the dryers, so that no distortion of either structure occurs due to thermal expansion
  • Cooling zone processed air, in either open or closed loop recirculation
  • Automatic apron drive chain lubrication
  • Ultrasonic atomisers used for re-ordering
  • Sampling points at the end of each drying zone
  • Apron cleaning system

Every Apron Dryer, CLD/Toaster is manufactured to the highest quality, with all product and process contact surfaces being produced from stainless steel and fully insulated where necessary. All dryers are fully pre-assembled at our manufacturing facility in Italy to ensure a fast first class installation on site.