Over 44 years' experience in Tobacco Processing Machinery

We design and manufacture equipment, special purpose processing plants and ancillary machinery for all stages of tobacco processing industry and offer you and your business the very best in technology, quality and service.

Project management, Spare parts & Customer service

Comas assists our clients with a fully global service, from project initiation, through installation and onto after sales long into the future, with our aim to provide first class Customer satisfaction, no matter how demanding the request.

Worldwide support & Training

Whether you need an improved process, a special conveyor or a completely new innovative machine or process solution, COMAS is here to assist you every step of the way.


Comas Tobacco Machinery

Comas having had our 40th anniversary in February 2011, can now demonstrate over 4 decades of global activity; an extensive period, long enough to prove our strength in reliability, stability, standing and capability to adapt to the ever changing requirements of the tobacco industry, which as we know is an extremely demanding and competitive market that requires a very flexible approach to our Customers requirements.