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Over 44 years' experience in Tobacco primary processing

Comas have a wealth of experience in primary equipment manufacture and processing solution, gained over the last 44 years.
An extensive period long enough to prove our strength in reliability, stability, standing and capability to adapt to the ever changing requirements of the tobacco industry, which as we know is an extremely demanding and competitive market that requires a very flexible approach to our Customers requirements.

Our manufacturing facilities are each specialised in the production of the different machinery types or manufacturing procedures, mainly: Heavy machinery (threshers, presses, dryers, toasters, etc), Light machinery (feeders, blending boxes, weigh belts, etc.), Special machinery (lamina expansion plants, air exhaust treatment equipment, etc.), Electrical workshop (electrical control panels), Electronic department (process control systems and software) and Assembly and R&D halls (inspections, trials, packing and delivery). The total number of people involved in the COMAS group is about 380 with the COMAS offices and production sites being mainly based in Silea (Treviso), Italy.

Comas was founded on 18th February 1971 by President Dr. Mario Martin, Vice President Mr. Giuseppe Zanini and Production Manager Mr. Sergio Bonan as a Limited Partnership company. Some of the original founders and engineers came from the Tobacco Industry, whereas others were active in the development and manufacture of specialised machines, such as wood presses etc.

The name COMAS stands for "COSTRUZIONI MACCHINE SPECIALI" and due to it's growth, on 13th April 1987 Comas was transformed into a Joint Stock Company, in order to meet the new market requirements, with the company shares still being held by the founder family members.

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