G.L.T. - Green leaf threshing

Packing stations and case presses

COMAS offer an extensive range of Packing Stations for GLT Plants.

Our case filling systems can be either a single press station or multiple press installation to suit your desired capacity. The Packing Station type PA provides you with a spillage free, reliable and accurate system that can be customised with a variety of options and ancillary equipment to match your specification.

Available equipment, options and ancillary machinery:

  • Case Filling Stations type PA
  • Cardboard case forming equipment
  • Roller, chain and belt conveyor handling systems
  • Transfer trolley cars and rotational platforms
  • Hydraulic case presses
  • Mechanical presses
  • Hydraulic calibrating press
  • Case weighing devices
  • Pallet dispensers and stackers
  • Automatic label printers and applicators
  • Case identification using a bar code system, complete with printers and scanners
  • Case strapping unit

Case Packing Station - The packing system consists of a traversing distribution conveyor that oscillates over the filling head, distributing the tobacco across the entire width of the chute. This subsequently feeds directly into the top of the case, which has a retractable charging sleeve into the carton to prevent spillage during the fill cycle. The container being loaded is filled by weight and then pressed using a hydraulic or mechanical ram. Once the case has been filled to the correct value, it is conveyed on down the line, which can consist of the above mentioned options and ancillary equipment.

Please contact us so as we can discuss your actual requirements in detail, to assist you with your case / bin filling specification.