cutter A1M

A1M, the new compact cutting solution

Comas is pleased to present the new A1M cutter, also known as the “Mini-Cutter” due to its extremely compact layout.

The new A1M cutter can process from 400 kg/h up to 2500 kg/h of different products (eg. lamina, stem, cloves, botanicals, etc.) and offers a superior cut quality, while minimizing the equipment footprint.

This new machine is based on the consolidated technology of its bigger sister, the successful A1 cutter (hundreds of units sold all over the world) and offers the following benefits:

- Simple mechanism for knives automatic adjustment and substitution
- Compact layout
- Easy maintenance and cleaning thanks to the hinged cutting head
- Dual purpose (if required, it can process both tobacco Lamina and Stem)
- Easy to control through its user-friendly operator interface (HMI)
- Automatically adjustable system to adapt the upper band to match the                    production speed
- Computerised assistance to plan parts replacement and automatic repositioning    of the newly installed consumables.
- Highest safety features

The new Mini-Cutter combines reliability, flexibility and the most advanced mechanical and electronic technologies at a convenient price.

This new solution represents the link between tradition and innovation in the cutting technologies field, in which COMAS is a leading provider.

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