Horizontal slicer (SO Series)

Horizontal slicer for tobacco bales portioning.

Basic Info

  • TECHNOLOGY: Slicing
  • INDUSTRY: Tobacco
  • SEGMENT: Molasses, Tobacco Cut Rag


‚ÄčThe Comas Horizontal Slicer (SO) is designed and manufactured exclusively to split a bale of pressed tobacco leaf into equal horizontal portions which are then delivered one after another to subsequent conveyors.Comas horizontal slicer can delaminate from 3 to 5 slices for each bale: number of portions is depending on the height of bale and type of product to be processed.With the slice thickness being selected through the control system (HMI), it is possible to choose the optimum number of slices per bale, to suit the type of tobacco and bale compaction, so as to subsequently achieve the most outstanding processing practice.Not only for the conventional but especially suitable for the molasses production, the Comas horizontal slicer, with its high precision in detecting the bale height, represent the premium solution for handling the bales during slicing, whilst producing conformity of slice, allowing an even consistent mass flow delivery onto the following processing machine.