SVBM series (Bale slicer)

Vertical slicer for tobacco bales portioning.

Basic Info

  • TECHNOLOGY: Slicing
  • INDUSTRY: Tobacco
  • SEGMENT: Tobacco Cut Rag


The COMAS Vertical Slicer (SVBM) incorporates the very best solutions for handling the bales during slicing, whilst producing conformity of slice, allowing an even consistent mass flow delivery to the Direct Conditioning Cylinder (DCC), via use of a continuous weigh belt.
Our range of slicers are suitable for slicing all tobacco formats, from small Hessian bales, if required, to C48, Tersa bales and Hogshead. If you require small bales, such as Oriental, to pass through the slicer without being cut, this is easily achieved as a selectable option through the control system.  

The COMAS slicer can process up to 11,000 kg/h of strips with the bales being sliced to give the correct number of slices for best processing practice. With the slice thickness being selected through the control system (HMI), it is possible to choose the optimum number of slices per bale, to suit the type of tobacco and bale compaction, so as to subsequently achieve the very best product opening and conditioning in the DCC.​