NTRM removal system

On-line NTRM (Non Tobacco Related Material) removal systems

Basic Info

  • TECHNOLOGY: Conveyor Systems
  • INDUSTRY: Tobacco
  • SEGMENT: Tobacco Cut Rag


​To ensure you provide the highest quality of un-contaminated tobacco, you can be sure of the best NTRM removal efficiencies when using the COMAS range of equipment.
COMAS can offer a solution to suit your individual demands, where high efficient cleaning of your product is required. Our range of NTRM removal equipment comprises of the following systems:

  • ​Classifying Chambers type AC1 (closed and open loop)
  • String removal system type SRS
  • Optical sorting systems
Classifying Chamber - High efficiency classifier, with either closed loop or open loop process air circulation, used for separating unwanted heavy particles and classification of your product.

SRS String removal system - The String Removal System comprises of a series of stainless steel string-catching rollers 100-mm in diameter, with the outer coating of each roller covered in "Velcro" material, which the strings adhere to. The SRS can be supplied with either 1 roller assembly, which can be cleaned at the end of each shift, or 2 roller assemblies, so that the idle set not in use, can be cleaned and left in the upright stand-by position.

Muti Purpose Separator - The ultimate in separation and elimination of unwanted heavy bodies from your tobacco flow, using a vertical product air flow that passes through a continuously moving horizontal mesh band, which conveys the light airborne material out of the air flow and allows it to pass onto the discharge conveyor. The heavy reject particles drop out of the air stream and are rejected via the chute at the bottom of the machine.

Whatever you requirements for NTRM removal, we have the solution for you.