S Belt conveyor (TSN Series)

Belt conveying system

Basic Info

  • TECHNOLOGY: Conveyor Systems
  • INDUSTRY: Tobacco
  • SEGMENT: Molasses, Snus, Tobacco Strips & Stems, Tobacco Cut Rag, Modern Oral


​The “S” Belt conveyor is a sturdy metal structure designed and manufactured exclusively to carry the product to a high-level machine in a short horizontal distance.

The standard machine is built in compliance with European regulations and/or, according to the directives in force in the country of destination.

The “S” Belt conveyor is provided with a feeding hopper suitable for the most common containers, provided with a detachable mesh to retain any lumps of product.
Based on the type and consistency of the product to be conveyed, tobacco, snus or other next generation products, the belt mounted on the machine can be arranged with pins or flights facilitating the product transfer.
In order to maintain the machine performance value, an automatic belt washing & drying system is available.The construction has pivoting wheels at the base which allow the easy movement of the machine by operators.