Cast Leaf

Reconstituted tobacco technology

Recon Process Slurry Type (Comas LA Design)

The by-product generated from previous processes such as the Threshing Line, Primary production and Make & Pack, can be collected and used in the manufacture of a tobacco sheet very similar to that of natural leaves of tobacco. The sheet is then cut into strips for ease of blending with other tobacco types.

The tobacco by-products blend is thoroughly mixed before grinding to particles sized < 120µ, and then combined with a binder made up of natural gums. The tobacco powder is mixed with natural gum and this adhesive mixture is blended together with a liquid solution, in such a way to form a slurry or dough/paste. The tobacco slurry is than cast on the dryer belt by means of a roll coater system, or a laminator to form the sheet, then dried to remove the excess water and subsequently cut and packed.

Our System offers the following benefits

With the COMAS system all the tobacco material "by-products" (stems, scraps, dust, etc.), at a specific ratio that reflect the stock of this material and that meet the specific objectives of the final products, can be used.
Unusually low natural adhesives addition such as (guar gum, tamarind or carboxymethyl cellulose).
Low water addition is required (in the laminating process).
Unusual energy saving by using a steam-pan and hot air impingement dryer combination.
Up to date bio-cleaning working condition and low downtime.
Functional space saving layouts and flexible attitude allow full response to any customers requirements as concerns specifications and capacity.

The particular characteristics of our cast sheet, make it possible to cut into flakes or shredded into long strands

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