Primary processing

Expansion and drying

COMAS offers a first class range of drying solutions for Lamina strips, cut Lamina, CRS and high expansion processes, such as Rotary Cylinders, Flash Tower Dryers and our liquid CO2 expansion plant. We have been supplying and developing these types of drying technologies since 1971, resulting in COMAS being able to deliver an extensive product range that will provide you with the best opportunities for product enhancement.

Our range of Expansion and Drying processes consists of:

  • Rotary Dryers for cut Lamina, strips and Cloves 
  • Air-Vbro Dryers for CRS  
  • Drying Towers for cut Lamina, CRS, Lamina strips and Cloves 

High Expansion Plant - See more details »

Flash Drying Towers - COMAS being one of the pioneers of air drying tobacco using towers, having started supplying this type of equipment in the early 70's, with the original puffing plants. Over the years this wealth of experience has enabled us to develop and supply the latest advanced air drying technology. Our tower design uses a compact tower height to minimise the need to access components at high level, with most of our drying towers being less than 7.0m tall. The COMAS tower type CTD, is a closed re-circulation loop air dryer that provides accelerated drying using superheated steam in a low oxygen environment. The process gas is heated using an indirect heat exchanger of tubular construction, in turn heated by a gas/oil fired burner. After the product has been dried it is discharge through a tangential separator fitted with a rotary air lock, allowing for the product to be handled gently at the discharge, by not having to pass through a cyclone. The COMAS tower dryers can process flows from 500 - 10,000 kg/h of cut Lamina and 500 - 4,000 kg/h of CRS.

Rotary Dryers - Two types of rotary drying technologies are available, the first being a more traditional steam heated jacketed rotary cylinder type CEVJ with heated product lifting paddles, which can be supplied with a steam heated expansion tunnel installed prior to the dryer. The second type of dryer model THT, also has a steam heated jacketed cylindrical body, but has a central radial beam for progressively applying hot air and steam into the dryer, along its whole length, as the product cascades from the internal paddles into the air stream.

Air-Vbro Dryers - The AF model dryer has been predominantly used for CRS and consists of a fully enclosed vibratory that receives hot air from above using suspended tubes to direct the air flow directly onto the tobacco, fluidising the product carpet. The process air is then re-circulated within the dryer, through automatically cleaned screens, before coming into contact with the process again. To ensure the highest level of product enhancement is obtained, this type of dryer is supplied complete with an expansion steaming tunnel prior to the dryer.

Which ever type of dryer you feel is best for your process, please contact us so as we can discuss your actual requirements in detail, to assist with your product selection.