What we do for Tobacco Processing

We design and manufacture machinery, specialised processing plants and ancillary equipment for all stages of industrial tobacco processing and offer you and your business the very best in technology, quality and service.

G.L.T. - Green Leaf Threshing

COMAS supplies complete lines for handling the tobacco from the moment it arrives from the farm, to packing into cases or bales. Check now our best solution for Green Leaf Threshing.

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Cast Leaf

With the COMAS system all the tobacco material "by-products" (stems, scraps, dust, etc.), at a specific ratio that reflect the stock of this material and that meet the specific objectives of the final products, can be used.

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Primary Processing

We can Customise our equipment and mutually develop your individual requirements, so that we incorporate the correct level of automation/manual interventions to suit your needs.

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We provide a complete service for both machinery refurbishment and also upgradind existing equipment with the very latest technology available. It's time to renew your production line.

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Filters & Air Washing Systems

COMAS offer a comprehensive range of equipment for cleaning your exhaust process air, using air scrubbing systems, filters and cyclones.

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Automation & Controls

Starting from the process diagrams, P&IDs, we develop the schematics and then assemble the power distribution and control switchboards. Discover the Automation and control systems.

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