Primary processing

Tobacco reclaiming

COMAS ia pleased to offer the CRM range of tobacco recovery machines.

IMPERIAL, by Canal Engineering, is a UK manufacturer and global supplier of Tobacco Reclaiming Machines, which can recover up to 95% of tobacco from reject cigarettes and packets.

The IMPERIAL machines are very efficient and can handle all of your reject products, including slim & damaged cigarettes; long end maker waste; carbon & capsule filters.

Tobacco Reclaiming Machine Benefits

  • High yield with low degradation
  • Very low paper count in recovered tobacco
  • No adjustment of machine settings required
  • No consumables or knives used
  • Low maintenance
  • Low noise and dust emissions
  • Robust & reliable construction
  • Improved sieving conveyor design for reduced contamination risk
  • More consistent Metering Feed Section
  • Pre-Sieving loose tobacco before processing
  • Large Filters to prevent dust build up and blockages
  • New filtration media to further reduce dust emissions

3 Machines, 1 Purpose:  CRM250, CRM500 & CRM1000

IMPERIAL offer 3 capacity options for Tobacco Recovery to meet your input demands, covering a throughput range from 100kg/hr up to 1000kg/hr.

All 3 IMPERIAL Reclaiming Machines are designed to recover up to 95% of tobacco from your reject product, each with a flexible layout to suit your factory floor arrangement.

Using the latest technology and production plant, IMPERIAL manufacture their machines to provide an efficient and reliable Tobacco Recovery installation, utilising industry proven components.

The Reclaim Process

Reject product is fed either manually, or by Tipper Unit, into the bulking section at the bottom of an Elevating Band Conveyor. The elevator transports the product at a controlled rate to the Conditioning section.

At the Conditioning stage, the product is fed into a steaming tube. This process ensures that the cigarettes are at an optimum moisture & temperature level, making the tobacco easy to separate from the packaging whilst minimizing potential degradation.

The conditioned product is then discharged onto a Metering unit, to give a constant flow of cigarettes to the Reclaiming Section at the required throughput rate.

The Opening process has 2 stages to maximize the tobacco recovery yield. Each stage makes use of a unique pneumatic transport system to loosen and remove the tobacco filler from the cigarette papers, filters and packaging.

The product then travels over a vibratory sieve, which separates the loose tobacco from the papers, taking the reclaimed tobacco to a collection station.

Any small paper pieces in the tobacco are removed by suction nozzles.

Dust from the pneumatic systems is collected in Filter Units, whilst papers, plugs and other waste is collected in bins or processed in a Briquetting Machine.